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Current Activities

October 2023

As temperatures cool down, our native plant salvage operations have drawn to a close. Transitioning into the fall months, our flood mitigation efforts remain concentrated on several key activities.

Our teams are working on completing the construction of new floodwalls at Los Portones and Pinnacle Peak Road. Once completed, teams will resume construction on raising the height of the existing floodwalls to provide adequate flood protection. New gabion mattresses are also being installed to provide scour protection along Los Portones Drive and both new and existing floodwalls. Remaining gabion construction is between Pinnacle Peak and Los Portones Drive.

In Phase 2 of our project, crews are working on the construction of concrete stem strengtheners to reinforce the soon-to-be-raised existing floodwall. We are also making progress on installing new floodwall footings, which currently extend from N Miller Road to E Happy Valley and N Hayden Road.

About the Rawhide Wash Flood Mitigation Project Phases 1 & 2
The Rawhide Wash Flood Mitigation Project will reduce flood risk and potential damage to properties and remove more than 850 homes and buildings from the floodplain. Phase 1 extends from Pinnacle Peak Road just east of Scottsdale Road to the Miller Road crossing. Phase 2 extends upstream from the Miller Road crossing to just northeast of Happy Valley Road. 

If you have questions about the project, please contact our hotline at (623) 825-3444 or send an email to dgalvin@barnhartco.com.

For more project information please go to the Flood Control District of Maricopa County at https://apps.fcd.maricopa.gov/fcdprojects/Details/76,

The Rawhide Wash Flood Hazard Mitigation Project is underway! The project will make major improvements to the existing drainage easement from Pinnacle Peak Road to ½ mile north of Happy Valley Road. Improvements involve modification of the existing flood walls and levees; as well as, the construction of new flood walls, flood gates, and flood warning signals. Additionally, the wash will be revegetated utilizing salvaged native plants as well as new plants and desert seeding to supplement regrowth. Major construction activities will begin at the south end of the project at Pinnacle Peak Road and continue north, though you may see construction activities throughout the entire alignment of the wash, starting in November. The overall duration of the project is expected to take approximately a year and will be performed in phases to reduce the overall impact to residents along, or near the wash.

We are committed to actively communicating with the surrounding community and will quickly respond to any concerns or questions. Additional information will be posted on this website regarding future construction activities.

Project Goals

The contract for the project has been awarded to Rummel Construction, with construction activities scheduled to begin November 14, 2022 and continue through 2023.


Public and employee safety is Rummel’s number one priority. Throughout the duration of construction, we ask the public to please respect the boundaries of the project and refrain from entering the wash during construction.


A primary focus during construction of the wash improvements is to minimize the impact or our activities on the natural environment. Restoration and salvaging of the native plants within our construction limits is a major aspect of our work.


Rummel has sequenced the project to limit the duration of disturbances to individual homeowners living along the wash. We will provide proactive public information and opportunities for homeowners and community members to ask questions or voice their concerns.

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Rawhide Wash Flood Hazard Mitigation Project